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AMG Vision is focused on the future!

In our 15+ years in various areas of media production, we have seen many different trends emerge in the digital world. We stay ahead of market trends and key factors that set businesses apart from their competitors early on. From website development to full scale marketing campaigns, We can take your ideas and build them into a business.
AMG Firm Services

Multiple Avenues of Media

Below are some of the services and products AMG offers to and for clients


Website & Media Development

From Websites to Film and Music production. AMG has resources to fulfill you multi media needs. 14 years in

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Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Your business will not function without paying customers. It's our pleasure to drive traffic to your cause so we both can benefit in success!

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Model Booking & Development

In our years of experience in Entertainment and Business having Models, Brand ambassadors, etc. is an essential part of a successful brand. We develop and provide modeling services in all avenues.

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Business & Investment Consultation

If your unsure of the direction to take next. We provide consultations in many different aspects of success. Not just the money aspect , but even the type of people you have surrounding you and so forth.

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Work Life is Different Now

We Create @Home Jobs

AMG Vision creates avenues to work from home.

For 11 years we have created at home jobs. These days with the pandemic and economic shifts, we find that working has changed drastically. We provide unlimited avenues for you to create an at home job and make more from home than getting out to a solid location. Companies are looking for at home contracts daily as the demand grows. Sales, Modeling, Consulting, Big Brand Advertising, Etc...

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Arkitec Media Group


"The company you choose should be the company you keep"
Robert Dickens

CEO/ Chief Developer

Robert stands out as a visionary entrepreneur, revered for his keen insights and pioneering spirit in the realm of online business. With a strategic approach and a deep understanding of emerging technologies, particularly in artificial intelligence, he has consistently propelled his and other's ventures to unprecedented success. 

Alicia Alden

Executive Assistant/ Talent Management.

Alicia epitomizes the essence of a valuable executive assistant and manager of social talent, seamlessly blending organizational prowess with a flair for fostering connections and nurturing talent. With a meticulous eye for detail and a knack for anticipating needs before they arise, she ensures the smooth operation of executive functions, leaving no task unattended and no deadline missed.

Gerald Wright

Business Brokerage

His commitment to transparency and integrity forms the cornerstone of his approach, ensuring that each transaction is conducted with the utmost professionalism and trust. Time and again, Gerald's track record of facilitating seamless deals underscores his status as a trusted advisor and industry leader in the realm of business brokerage.

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