A Digital Estate Development and Brokerage Company

Bringing innovation and new energy to the market. Digital Estate Brokerage and the Crypto / Digital Art Space are our main areas of focus now. Lets partner and build something great!!!
This is where we can help you start your online business or help you work with one of our corporate partners from the comfort of your "Home" or at "The Lake"

Big Brand Marketing

Work With Big Corporations

How about working with a company and not for them. AMGV will develop a fully functional site for you to advertise products and get paid income from your efforts. The amount earned in not capped. You can work from your cellphone.

Jay X Fitness Memphis Personal Trainer! JayXFitness.com

Online Business Development

Start an Online Business

We turn your vision into a reality at AMG Vision. We can create you a full e-commerce site or basic landing page for your service.

"What You Dream, We Create"!!!

Landing Page Promo

Promote Links for Cash

This is a very lucrative way of making money online by simply advertising landing pages for companies. you dont have to make sales to get paid.


Service List

AMG Vision provides a wide array of services in multimedia development. If something is not listed below. Just ask!
What’s included (Financing Available WAC) Click here for financing
 Online Call Center

Call brokering is big business and we can develop and connect you with the resources to get paid high amounts for generating call traffic.


Online Business

Whatever your dream or passion. We can consult with you to build a fully functioning online business suited to your needs. Price ranges are $2,500 - $200k+

Examples: MajestX.com | JayXFitness.com | RedRhino.Pro | Brazilian News | Behance.net | Business Brokerage | Land Rover 


Investment Consultation

Get a professional investment consultation with Rob Dickens for subjects such as investing in yourself for the long haul and subjects like online call centers, energetic investments, etc.. Starting @ $333 per hour.


Big Brand Site

Work with instead of for a vendor such as Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, etc. Making $100k annually is very possible.


Modeling Site

Yes social media is a place to find models. OK. Serious models get booked and paid through their websites that showcase a wide array of talents and value through investment in self. Separate yourself from the amateurs.


Link Share Site

Make Cashflow from links placed on your landing page or from text and email verticals.


Pro Logo Design

A professional logo can make your business so invest in one today!!!